What Happened When I Tried a Crystal Mercury Retrograde Facial

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t scrolled through post after post on social media of people bitching about Mercury retrograde, allow me to explain what this means: Three times per year, Mercury, the ruler of communication, travel, technology, and intellectual thoughts, changes orbit for about three weeks. When this happens, everything feels like one big never-ending celestial-imposed assault on your personal life. Every planet goes into retrograde from time to time, but Mercury’s cycle is the most frequent and most well-known (thanks to our inevitable reliance on technology and communication).

During these periods, the way you communicate with people is especially risky. Arguments are common around this time. And as if that’s not bad enough, old relationships—like exes or old friends—are likely to pop up as a result of Mercury retrograde’s apparent reverse motion. It basically reverses time in a way that brings the past to the present. I’ve even lost a car during Mercury’s retrograde before (transportation and technology problems are a dime a dozen during this time). In short, it’s a bad time for everyone.

Days before this retrograde was set to end, I couldn’t take it any longer. It had been almost three whole weeks of emotional drama, annoying work miscommunications, a glitchy phone, and the loss of a couple pre-paid plane tickets (but that’s a different story for a different day). In hopes of resetting my energy and ridding myself of this bad juju hanging over me, I reached out to crystal-infused skincare brand Mazz Hana for help. Certified crystal healer, aromatherapist, and founder, Mazz Hanna explained, “When Mercury goes into retrograde, it’s common to experience enhanced feelings of anxiety and overall ungrounded-ness. Crystals can be so helpful during this astrologically turbulent time.”


The MazzHanna Crystal Healing Facial Ritual


She recommended her own Crystal Healing Facial Ritual, which was designed to increase circulation, elevate mood, increase energy and release tension. I booked it immediately and set out to the Palm Springs desert, where it’s available at the Feel Good Spa
at the Ace Hotel (it’s also in Los Angeles, but at an undisclosed location and you have to book via emailing to get on the list).

The facial started with a single Selenite crystal placed on my heart chakra (right in the center of my chest). The Selenite wand works as an “energy eraser” that supposedly clears away negative vibes and realigns your chakra. Note: This is the only crystal that remained on my body throughout the entire facial. The second it touched my chest, I cracked a smile and felt almost on the verge of laughing. Nothing was particularly funny. Perhaps it was actually working and I was just feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness from deep inside?


Every product was matched to a crystal.


Next, the esthetician applied a 24K serum on me, explaining that gold amplifies the powers of the crystals—then gently massaged my face with warm rose quartz facial massaging stones. Instantly, I felt the tension in my forehead melt away. Then, the tension in my cheeks and jaw disappeared. The muscles in my face were so relaxed, I almost felt as if my jaw fell to the nape of my neck. It hung, making my cheekbones feel as if they’re protruding from my face. I’ve had countless facials in my career as a beauty editor, and this is by far the strangest sensation I’ve ever experienced.

This is, by far, the strangest sensation I’ve ever experienced.

As the facial continued, crystals were incorporated like a dance. Some came in; some were removed, all in tandem with the products being used. During the cleansing session, a Tourmalinated Quartz was placed next to the Selenite to break up tension and build positive energy. Then, it was switched out with the Lepidolite stone before the exfoliation step. I learned that Lepidolite is believed to clear electromagnetic pollution, which was just what I needed.

Next came my favorite part of the facial: extractions. With most Instagram-friendly, gimmicky facials, extractions are not usually included. However, I personally don’t consider a facial complete without them. Luckily, the Mazz Hanna Crystal Healing Facial Ritual not only looks great on your feed, but also is a legit facial that removes all traces of blackheads and blemishes. During this part of the facial, an Amethyst was placed on me to balance nervous energy and reduce inflammation.


Selenite on my third eye.


The facial continued with a detoxifying mud mask and the addition of the Shungite crystal. Also curated to perfection, “Shungite is paired with the activated charcoal mud mask and is one of the best detoxification stones out there,” explained Hanna. “Using it can help disintegrate any negative vibes that might be weighing you down, leaving you feeling lighter and refreshed.”

It was time to rehydrate my skin, so the Shungite was switched out with the Amazonite. During the serum application, the Amazonite was placed on my heart chakra to filter out stress and relieve trauma. It is also said that Amazonite helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view. If this isn’t the perfect stone for retrograde, I don’t know what is.

Selenite Wand


The facial ends with a hydrating moisturizer and a massage. During this step, the esthetician moved the Selenite wand from my heart chakra to my third eye (between my brows). This is the final step in cleansing my energy—I even got to take it home with me when I leave so that I can “cleanse” myself every retrograde. She instructed me, “To clear away any negative vibes that may be weighing you down during retrograde, simply wave Selenite wand over your body and imagine it any negative attachments or bad vibes bent physically cut away from your aura.”

Sound a little out there? Yes, but after fully leaning into the experience, I left the spa feeling amazing. Even as I walked past a crowded pool back to my room with music blasting and water splashing everywhere, I felt so zen. As the day goes on, I felt more grounded than I have in weeks. I even saw—and you can’t make this up—a shooting star that night. I think it was the universe’s way of telling me I was okay.

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