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Living With Anxiety Is Hard, but These Habits Have Helped Me Feel More in Control

For people who struggle with anxiety like I do, every day can feel like a series of challenges you just have to get through. Compounding my anxiety is the fear that I’ll somehow “miss it” — no matter what that moment is — because I’m distracted by my racing heart, shallow breathing, and an unrelenting feeling of doom. Given that I’ve been living with anxiety for a while now, I’ve developed some techniques for limiting how much it takes over. That effort starts with conscious breathing and reminding myself to be here, in the now, and not let my mind focus on past concerns or future worries. Of course, this is often easier said than done, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Feeling more clear-headed takes work beyond that, though, so I use these anxiety-busting habits daily to feel calmer and more in control. I hope they’ll work for you, too.

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