Eiza González Shines As Bulgari’s Newest Ambassador

Eiza González is no stranger to the camera. Beginning her career on telenovelas when she was just 17 years old, the Mexico City Native transferred her unique talent, beauty, and on-screen charisma into Hollywood success, landing major roles in Baby Driver, I Care A Lot, and Hobbs & Shaw. She’s one of the brightest stars on the rise, and can now add a Bulgari partnership to her growing resume. Today marks a special moment in Bulgari history: González is the first Latina ambassador for North America.

“Jewelry is so personal to me and the right pieces can be worn for a lifetime. That is why I am so excited to join such an iconic maison like BVLGARI as a brand ambassador,” González stated in the brand’s press release. “Their style resonates internationally and I’m looking forward to the many beautiful moments we will create together.”

ELLE spoke with González over email about her burgeoning career, her ongoing relationship with Bulgari, and the worst piece of acting advice she’s ever received (and unfortunately followed), below.

eiza gonzalez

Eiza González photographed by Greg Swales at the Chateau Marmont for Bulgari

Greg Swales

How has your relationship with Bulgari developed over the years?

I’ve always been a huge fan of the brand. Their designs have become innovative and dynamic without losing their essence of glamour and elegance. They embody a contemporary woman. Also, the brand has fearlessly become an ally of representation and you can see that they were one of the first brands to pledge inclusivity throughout the years.

    What does it mean to you to be the first Latin-America ambassador in North America for Bulgari?

    I’m honored. I will always want to support a brand that gives minorities a stage and allows us to feel equal and seen. I feel incredibly proud of the brand for featuring an immigrant woman as a North American brand ambassador because it reflects on what the real world looks like now. Growing up I had so much trouble seeing women like me in high-end brands, so for Bulgari to take action and allow the newer generations to feel like they have a chance is what matters to me.

    bulgari eiza gonzalez

    Eiza González wearing Bulgari jewels

    Greg Swales

      You and your stylist Elizabeth Saltzman have created gorgeous looks together. What dictates the mood for dressing for a press tour?

      We try to use fashion as an opportunity to show how multidimensional the Latin woman can be. We’ve decided from the start to not play it safe and try as a team to redefine an idea or a stereotype that people could have. Taking risks by walking out of comfort zones and having fun. Elizabeth’s incredible taste accompanied by what we’ve always wanted to explore is what has allowed us to expand in our fashion options. She’s the best ally.

      What are your go-to pieces of jewelry when leaving the house for the day?

      I love stacking up jewelry on my day-to-day. From necklaces to multiple earrings, I love spicing up my outfits. I’m a gold jewelry kind of girl on a daily basis but love silver and white gold for red carpets. I like a good statement piece. Balance on the red carpet is key to a successful look.

      eiza gonzalez bulgari

      Greg Swales

        When not working or quarantining, what are some of your favorite places to travel?

        Mexico, of course. I like road trips. I’m a nature girl. I grew up in the woods in Valle de Bravo in Mexico and in Oaxaca learning how to surf at 14. So every time I’m feeling like I need to recharge, I go back to basics. My favorite places to visit are Hawaii and Italy.

          If you had to pick one piece from Bulgari to wear forever, what would it be?

          I love their necklaces. Their staple pieces are so elegant that they elevate whatever you’re wearing.

            What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from a fellow actor? And the worst?

            Never let success or failure define you. We are ever-evolving and in constant growth. The worst was probably to a nap between takes. Haha it was brutal to get back into a scene after that and deliver what I needed, too. I was still in hibernation mode.

            bulgari eiza gonzalez

            Greg Swales

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