Meet Ricardo Quintero, former Clinique Executive Turned Start Up Skin Care Founder


Ricardo Quintero is the founder of a direct to consumer, clean beauty line that is gaining popularity with its safe formulas, clean design and incredible reviews. We interviewed Quintero to learn about his background and why he decided to leave a successful corporate career to start his own brand with his wife Pilar.

Why did you decide to start Care? 

We started Care because we saw white space in developing a brand that would address the needs of women of every age, for a curated skincare line that was not complicated, overpriced, highly effective and safe. 

What’s your background?

I spent 15 years at the Estee Lauder Companies, and most recently as Global General Manager/SVP of Clinique. I achieved senior executive positions in Mexico, South Korea and the US. These 15 years taught me a lot about the beauty industry, the good and the bad of it. 

Your wife is also your business partner?

Pilar, my brilliant co-founder (and my beautiful wife) has for many years criticized the complexity, safety and steep pricing of skincare.

Pilar and I would always talk about how complicated skincare had become, with the constant barrage of new product launches and messaging overload of “this is now is better than that.”

Knowing what product to use, when to use and why, became complicated, difficult and expensive.

Most importantly, Pilar was concerned about ingredients and their safety, as a consumer that was becoming more aware of the clean beauty movement.

That is why Pilar and I decided to launch Care: to declutter and simplify skincare, offering highly effective products easy to use, that are safe and affordable.

Co-Founders & Husband & Wife Ricardo and Pilar Quintero

Who is on the Care Team? 

We are a small and mighty team. Besides Pilar and I, we are lucky to work with highly talented professionals who are all experts in their field. A key member of our team is our lead formulator, Debbie D’Aquino- an ex-Clinique VP & colleague and product development expert.

We also have amazing millennial designers, marketers and social media experts, that offer multiple reverse mentoring lessons to Pilar and me as we develop our brand in the digital world. 

Why does Care only have 5 products? 

We only have 5 products because we believe that, with the exception of a sunscreen which we will launch next year, that is all you need to have great, healthy, radiant skin- no matter your age.

Our products are designed to be multifunctional and multilevel.

What does multifunctional and multilevel mean?

That means that they work as a system to address different needs and in the different layers of your skin that require it.

Our philosophy is that we will not be a “new product launch machine” as most of our big competitors.

We are in a continuous improvement model where if we can make any of our formulas better and safer, we will do it on the existing products – to offer you maximum value at the fairest price, always.

I love the clean brand design, where did the inspiration come from?

Pilar and I chose the name Care out of a profound need to show we care. Through formulating safe products. Using more functional and less wasteful packaging. By offering a fair price. Finally, and most importantly, by giving back to our community through our Because We Care program

One of the observations Pilar made was that our line was different, because we actually “care” about our customer, safety, our environment and society- and alas Care was chosen as our name. 

There is also a period after Care in our logo, because that is just like a beauty mark- we all have them and they make us unique, special.

The period is also there, to reaffirm that we are not pretenders, or willing to add more. It’s Care, period.

The quality, ratings and reviews of Care products are very high, how are you able to keep prices fair when other brands charge much more?

The majority of our investment goes into the actual cost of the formula which is what you put on your face. We don’t have fancy, wasteful packaging, and we don’t have expensive models, or corporate overhead.

But most importantly, we do not have the hefty retailer margins and costs which jack up prices. We sell directly to consumers on our website, and by doing so, we are transferring those savings to our customers. It’s that simple. 

Has Care won any awards or recognition? 

Yes- we have been honored by many endorsements, write ups on top beauty editors and press, such as Byrdie, Hello Giggles, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, Departures, Romper, and SELF Magazine– who also awarded us for the Healthy Beauty Award for the Best Cleanser Toner 2019 for combination skin. 

“This Under-the-Radar Moisturizer [Deep Moisture Fix] Is My Dewy-Skin Secret.” – by Hallie Gould, Senior Beauty Editor for

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