Dark Circles and Puffiness? I Had That Too. Then, I Found Care Skincare.

Let me tell you, I did not expect to get dark circles and bags around my eyes this young. I figured they might happen decades down the line, so getting them in my early 30s, I feel like I looked constantly tired and a full decade older than I actually am. And while there’s no shortage of products to help address this problem, many of them were super pricey, and the two or three I tried irritated my skin. How could I take care of my dark circles – and actually see results – without overspending?

The answer was Care Skincare’s Eye + Lip Nourishing Cream, an uncomplicated, inexpensive, and effective way to reduce the appearance of the dark circles under my eyes. I apply a small amount gently around my eyes and eyelids in the morning and before bed, and it always keeps those awful dark circles at bay. It feels light as air, it doesn’t mess up my makeup at all, and it never runs into my eyes.

Care first got my attention since its co-founder launched it after years spent at Estee Lauder and Clinique hearing women complain about ineffective, complicated, expensive routines. Those were all the problems I was having! Then, I read that the co-founder and his wife researched safe ingredients that all women could use without breaking the bank (or their skin). They then worked with beauty experts to make products like the Eye + Lip cream. Tons of research and devotion went into Care Skincare, and it shows.

The Eye + Lip cream’s caffeine revives and rejuvenates the sensitive skin under my eyes, which is exactly what I need to banish those awful shadows. (And no, putting caffeine on my skin doesn’t feel like drinking a cup of black coffee!) It also includes vitamins C and K to protect my skin and kombucha to rebalance it. Together, all these ingredients reduce the appearance of puffiness and darkness that make me feel like a skeleton when I look in the mirror. What a relief!

I noticed all these fantastic Eye + Lip results after just a week of using it. On day seven, I saw myself with newly glowing skin, eyes that didn’t look like they were receding into my face, and an overall energetic look. There she was, the woman I’d been before those pesky circles! I felt great that I brought back my younger self without overspending, irritating my face, or committing to complex routines. And you can easily do the same.

In fact, you can do so for an even better price than usual if you act now! Buy Care’s Eye + Lip cream now for 20% off. Before you know it, your dark circles won’t be the first thing you see in the mirror – and your youngest self will reemerge.

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