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How to apply makeup correctly and other beauty guru secrets

When applying lipstick, sometimes it can go all around the corners of our lips. To correct it, simply take some conciliar and highlight the outer part of your lips.
If your foundation is about to run out, apply some face moisturizer in it. It will make it a lighter coverage, but you can also get more use out of it.
Concealers can also be very light in coverage, so when you want to cover up a tattoo you can use a corrector instead.
Another foundation hack has to do with the application. Don’t use dirty beauty blenders, if you must apply foundation, you can do it with a balloon.
I also show you how to take just two makeup brushes and make them become multiple-use brush. For example, you can make a powder brush into a contouring and a highlighting brush using bobby pins. You can also use an elastic band to make an eyeshadow brush into an eyeliner brush.

2:00 – How to cover up tattoos
3:54 – DIY tinted brow gel
5:00 – What lipsticks look like on different skin tones
6:39 – The best peel-off masks
8:04 – How to fix a dry mascara
10:04 – How to make your eyeshadow look more pigmented
11:01 – DIY lipstick color

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