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3 Women in the CBD Industry Share Their Tips and Product Recommendations For Sleep

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m one of the last people they’d expect to get excited about CBD or cannabis products. It’s not because I’m anti or judge anyone who uses them — you do you! It’s simply been one of those categories that feels like another “thing” I don’t necessarily need to add to my already convoluted daily regimen. In fact, I’m working to streamline my life from the products I use to the food I eat and the clothing I wear (I’m morphing into quite the minimalist these days and it feels truly liberating). Despite not being an avid user of CBD or cannabis (the one product I’ve tried is this Wildflower Healing Stick from Poplar for menstrual cramps which felt super tingly and did help to alleviate pain), the buzz surrounding the industry is certainly unavoidable and I’ve actually become curious about one topic in particular: sleep.

I’ve always been a night owl and often struggle to fall asleep before midnight, one, sometimes two a.m., yet I haven’t explored products that can help lull me to sleep. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps out of laziness or my aforementioned disinterest in becoming reliant upon another “thing”. I am, however, curious about whether CBD products are right for me when it comes to improving my sleep patterns. Since I haven’t tried any for myself, I sought out some advice from women who not only work in the CBD and cannabis industry but can speak to products they personally use and recommend for sleep, which range from tinctures and capsules to bath salts, topical lotions, salves, and patches — even gummies and small shot drinks.

Ahead, keep reading for some key takeaways I learned after speaking to Amanda Denz and Andrea Brooks, co-founders of Sava, a San Francisco-based company offering a curated assortment of CBD and cannabis products (they also offer discreet delivery services in the SF area) and Laura Peters, a holistic nutritionist and Product Specialist for ShopCBD. Then, scroll on for their CBD product recommendations for sleep.

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