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I Tried a Menstrual Cup and a Menstrual Disc — Without Question, the Disc Wins Out

After two pregnancies and realizing I needed to join the superabsorbency tampon club, I went to pick up a box and saw a few brands of menstrual cups on the shelves. They were affordable and good for the planet, and since I was recycling and using reusable glass containers for my lunches already, it felt like it was my duty to Mother Nature to give it a try. I quickly became a huge fan of my cup, and haven’t used a tampon since!

Just recently, menstrual discs have also become more popular, so I was curious to try one out. If you’re thinking about switching to a reusable period product, keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of each, and see which one wins the menstrual medal in my book.

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