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This Trainer’s Couch Workouts on TikTok Are Perfect For Your Next Binge Watch

Look, we get it: working out is not always fun. Especially if you haven’t done it in a while. There’s sweating involved, you don’t know where your sneakers are half the time, and, oh yeah, you’re probably super busy with a work project right now (*checks Twitter for the 37th time today*).

Certified fitness trainer and TikToker Justin Agustin (@justin_agustin) understands. That’s why he’s created a series of beginner workouts you can do from your couch, while working . . . through your Netflix queue. Each video — which are all set to amazing music, by the way — features a series of exercises that you can do while sitting or standing to work a variety of muscle groups, including your arms, core, shoulders, and legs. All you need is a towel, a pillow, and a comfy place to sit.

These moves are beginner-friendly, but you can add more intensity by increasing the reps. For example, you might work your way up to doing 30-second rounds of exercise (with longer rests in between) throughout an entire episode of Friends, if you really want to challenge yourself! Keep reading for the workouts.

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