How to do acrylic nails | tapered square acrylic nails tutorial | how to acrylic nails for beginners

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel! I hope you guys like this video on how I do my acrylic nails! I know this was a very long awaited video that a lot of people have been asking for and im so happy to finally have it up for you guys ! Let me know what other videos you would like me to film thank you so much for watching I appreciate you!


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* SIDE NOTE : I wanted to also add a link for the YOUNG NAILS acrylic nails KIT ! It is an amazing kit for beginners to start off with it comes with every single thing you need to start doing nails!!! Even the reviews are amazing because you get so much stuff and its all THE BEST quality products!
You just have to make an account on their website to purchase

Acrylic nails Kit link:


* TOTALLY forgot to mention my fav monomer ever !! EMA ONLY of course!!! :

Cuticle pusher :

Nail drill I use:

Sanding band: (150 Grit, Zebra)

Mandrel bits: (Quantity: 5pcs)

Pana 5 in 1 bit: (Fine, Silver)

Manicure brushes:
Pump bottles :

Clear mia secret:

Cover lychee yakelin acosta:
Cover Lychee
Hidden pleasure valentino :
Acrylic System – Hidden Pleasure
Nail TIPS :
Nail files:

Paper towels:

Acrylic brush:

Feel free to let me know if i missed anything!

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Nails tutorial 💅🏻💁🏻‍♀️كيفاش كنلصق الدفار غير بوحدي فالدار 😍طريقة ساهلة بزاف وبثمن رخيص❤️

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