Step-By-Step Nail Art: Painting Flames

Flame nail art may seem like an advanced task, but with a few simple steps, even beginner nail artists can turn up the heat. Here, Imarni of London’s Imarni Nails breaks down how to add flames to your DIY gel manicure, from the red-hot first stroke to the final topcoat. For more step-by-step nail art tutorials, join Imarni for Nail Art: Colorful, Creative Designs to Paint and Share, a Skillshare Original:



00:00 Introduction: Meet Imarni
00:17 Cleansing the Nail
00:25 What You’ll Need to Create Red Flames
00:45 Starting Point: Draw a “C”
01:15 Shaping and Thickening a Flame
02:22 Finishing the First Flame
02:34 Adding More Flames
03:30 Curing the Nail
03:38 How to Fix Mistakes
04:02 Retracing and Tightening Your Design
04:32 Finding Nail Art References
05:11 Applying the Topcoat and Cleansing the Nail
05:32 Variations on Flame Nail Art



Dip your toe into the technicolor world of nail art with acclaimed nail artist Imarni ’s impressive and easy-to-execute designs.

When Imarni launched her nail salon in Shoreditch, London, at 23, she had no idea where her artistic flair would take her. Five years later, after diligently practicing her designs and growing her business, she now creates complex nail art for celebrities and pop stars. In this class, Imarni shares tools and techniques to help budding nail artists, creative enthusiasts, and fashionistas create unique nail art for themselves at home.

In this colorful class, Imarni will walk you through eight nail designs—from beginner to intermediate to complex—and give you the confidence to experiment with your own designs in the future.



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Imarni is the founder of IMARNI NAILS based in London. Clients for her wearable nail art are celebs, fashionistas, and businesswomen (and of course men too). Her business took off in 2015 when she opened her ‘destination’ salon in Shoreditch and her diverse nail art posts captured a huge online following and became internationally known. Since then, she founded The Wall Group, her own agency, where she is lucky enough to work with incredible clients on innovative designs and eye-catching nail art. Recently, she won Glamour UK’s ‘Nail Art Blogger 2020’.



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