The Best Charlotte Tilbury Products Are On Sale In An Amazing Bundle

If there’s one thing I miss about not working from home–besides, like, seeing human beings daily–it’s the comforting morning routine. A hint of blush, a sweep of eyeshadow, a lipstick that doesn’t get smudged on my face and cause pimples underneath my mask. These days, I don’t wear makeup at all unless I’m trying to impress my Zoom audience or I’m taking a selfie. And for the most part, that doesn’t bother me! It saves me from having to wash my face every day diligently, and my skin thanks me for giving it a break.

Pillow Talk Beauty Set ($203 Value)

Charlotte Tilbury


So it would take something pretty significant–something major–to get me to put on makeup again. In this case, that significant event would be the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which has bundled up five full-size Charlotte Tilbury products into an incredible–and low-cost–set. In addition to the classic and iconic Pillow Talk lipstick, this bundle also comes with a berry-toned eyeliner, the best mascara for dramatic lashes, a liquid highlighter stick, and a 12-shade eyeshadow palette. All in all, these products should come out to $200+ in regular times. However, during the sale, they’re only $135. I call that a steal.

If you’re not emotionally ready to put makeup on your face again, I highly recommend gifting this set to a dear friend, like maybe yours truly. Not sure you need all five products? Pick out your favorite and pass the rest off to your friend, and claim you bought them for them full-price. They’ll never know. For me, Charlotte Tilbury products encourage me to live out my ’70s British girl rocker fantasies. We’re talking about a brand founder who sleeps in eyeliner to perfect her grunge-y, lived-in eye look, after all.

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