Licorice Braid Tie Back Hairstyle Tutorial

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Our hair tutorial today shows how to create what we call a “licorice braid” by combining standard rope braids (or twist braids) into a fun and unique looking twisted pattern. Doesn’t this braid look just like a twisted piece of candy or an actual rope? As shown in our video, 2 or more braids can be combined to create this intricate twisted pattern. Of course, the more braids you use, the larger and more intricate the final braid will become!

Although I’m sure this is not a new braid for some of you, we stumbled upon this technique by accident a few years ago as we were planning on making a “Hawser braid” but ended up twisting the braids together the “wrong” way. Love it when that happens! The Princess has worn this braid on occasion ever since then and absolutely loves it.

We chose a tie back, half up – half down hairstyle for our video today. This style would be cute for teens, girls, and women. A great hairstyle for school or work, since it is fairly quick and easy.

Tie back hairstyles (such as this) always remind me of a medieval princess or a bohemian style bride or wedding. If you wanted to add some beachy waves or curls to this style, I think it would add a soft and romantic touch.

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