Masks Made Me Break Out. Here’s How Care Combats My “Maskne.”

I never leave the house without a mask on, but I often return with new zits underneath my mask. Yes, I get that dreaded “maskne,” and honestly, I haven’t broken out like this since high school. Of course, I’m not about to stop wearing masks – not catching or spreading illnesses is important! – but I hate what they’re doing to my skin. Would I simply be stuck with ugly, irritating, and itchy pimples until the pandemic is over?

Before I could figure out how to stop my “maskne,” I needed to know how it happened in the first place. Pimples pop up because masks trap moisture underneath, which can clog your pores, inflame your skin, and strip it of its essential fats. Under-mask sweat makes this worse: All the oils in your sweat can lead to white pustules and cystic acne. Only an oil-free toner and moisturizer together could combat these maskne causes, and that’s how I stumbled upon Care Skincare.

Care Skincare Founders Ricardo and Pilar

Care Skincare addresses this now-common problem with a Maskne Set designed to cleanse, tone, and hydrate. I noticed that the set’s Soft Sweep Micellar Cleanser + Toner has ingredients including glycerin (which keeps the skin moist) and willow bark extract (which clears pores). Plus, it won a SELF Healthy Beauty Award in 2019, so I knew it was good even before maskne became a problem. The Soft Sweep would remove oil, sweat, and other pore-clogging impurities without stripping my skin.

Maskne Set

The Soft Sweep toner certainly fit the bill, but the Maskne Set’s moisturizer, the Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream, really sealed the deal. It includes the moisturizing godsend hyaluronic acid to retain my skin’s natural moisture, and (like the Soft Sweep) glycerin to fortify my skin against irritants and environmental damage. And buying the Maskne Set instead of the individual toner and moisturizer would save me some money on Care’s already affordable prices, so I ordered my set and eagerly awaited my kit.

Award Winning Soft Sweep

Once my Maskne Set arrived, I committed to using my toner and moisturizer every morning at night to counteract the many times a day I put on a mask. Within a week, I saw a major reduction in my maskne, and within a month, zits were nowhere to be found! I had forgotten how nice it felt to leave home without worrying about acne, and Care Skincare brought that ease back to my life.

Care Deep Moisture Fix

I’ve now had my Maskne Set for a few months, and my maskne has yet to return. I’m fully confident that if I’d never gotten the Maskne Set, I’d still be dealing with the gross pimples that first accompanied my shift to regularly wearing masks. And you too can keep your maskne at bay thanks to Care Skincare! Visit Care’s website to buy the Maskne Set, which is priced lower than individually purchasing the Soft Sweep toner and Deep Moisture Fix moisturizer – masks shouldn’t have to mean acne, and with the affordable Maskne Set, they won’t.

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