Organic Facial Bar Offers 177 Customized Facials | Beauty Explorers

FaceX is an organic facial bar located in Beverly Hills, California, that offers all organic, customizable facials from raw ingredients, like avocado, aloe vera, and herbs like sandalwood and licorice. The customization at FaceX is all app-automated, including payment and facial selection. There are five signature facials to pick from and 172 customizable options for different skin types, making it a total of 177 facial options. The customization goes beyond the facial ingredients. Guests are able to personalize the facial room’s lighting, music, and scent. FaceX offers 30-minute facials for $89 or $59 for members. Insider’s Caroline Aghajanian visited FaceX to try the Avocado Radiance facial for a discounted media rate. Caroline has combination skin, meaning she has both dry and oily skin concerns. The aestheticians at FaceX are able to tweak ingredients to best cater to your skin type. They are also trained to resolve any allergic reactions that may occur during the facial.

Insider visited FaceX in February 2020. FaceX is temporarily closed due to the ongoing pandemic, but for more information, please visit:

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Organic Facial Bar Offers 177 Customized Facials | Beauty Explorers

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